Chairman’s message


Message from the Chairman’s Desk

The Department of Fisheries and Marine Science (FIMS) of Noakhali Science and Technology University started its journey from 2006. It offers academic programs for B.Sc. (Hons.) and MS degrees. The Department has very good quality faculty members who have MS and PhD degrees from abroad, skilled office staffs and technicians. Since its inception, the Department is playing a vital role in developing skilled professional and researchers on the field of fisheries and marine science. The Department has been producing very good quality graduates in each academic year and showing its overwhelming dominance in the higher education and research on their respective fields, and undertakes very high quality teaching and research of international standard. In the last couple of years, FIMS department has developed a very good reputation in innovative research and excellence in teaching.

Our mission is to discover and to utilize the coastal fisheries resources, generate new ideas, promote knowledge and apply them for the welfare of the nation. We dedicate our every effort to establish a knowledge-based academic environment where our skilled faculty members offer their best output and students are encouraged to show their best performance.

I am delighted to welcome you to the Department of Fisheries and Marine Science (FIMS). I hope, the FIMS department will contribute more to meet the future challenges in the fisheries and marine science sector with its honest, sincere and highly qualified faculty members, students, office staffs and technicians.

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Associate Professor and Chairman

Department of Fisheries and Marine Science

Noakhali Science and Technology University

Sonapur, Noakhali-3814

Phone: +880-321-71484

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